Quite simple.

  1. We need to see an up to date vet's vaccination certificate (a Council requirement)
  2. Please provide the dog's own bed or bedding
  3. Please supply own food plus treats
  4. Full payment on collection
  5. Dogs on medication can be catered for, but may incur an extra charge
  6. We do not take bitches in season
  7. Dogs with behaviour problems - as above
  8. Bank Holidays (Mon-Fri) - 50% uprate on the charges below. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day - double uprate on the charges below.
  9. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.

Price list for 2018


  1. £17 per 24 hour period (£2 extra for large dogs, German Shepherd and larger breeds); £1 extra if we provide food and treats
  2. Day care (8.00am to 6.00pm) £14 (£2 extra for large breeds)

Dog walking

  1. Dog walking with our dogs £10 per hour. Solo dog walking £11 per hour + £1 per extra dog (maximum of five dogs from the same household).

Home pet-sitting (can include looking after domestic animals other than dogs)

  1. For sleepover/pet sitting in your home there is a charge of £50 from 10pm-8am. Extra hours charged at £10 per hour
  2. Visiting cats and other small pets in your home: £5 per quarter hour/£8 per hour visit
  3. We can also look after horses, goats, cage birds, geese and other poultry and exotic pets - the charge will depend on the numbers and type involved.

Transport to and from a Vets appointment £10.00. Pick-up and Drop-off charges - £2.50 per 1/4hr time involved + 50p per mile.

Our normal drop-off/pick-up times are between 8-10am and 4-6pm; outside these hours by arrangement and extra hours charged at the relevant pro rata rate. Failure to notify us in advance of bitches in season or behavioural problems, either at the time of drop-off or when booking, will attract an additional charge of £5 a day.