Price list for 2021-2


Day Care 08.00 -18.00 £17.00 (+ £2.00 for large and giant breed dogs)
Outside stated hours by arrangement. Owner provides food & treats.

Half Day Care 08.00 -13.00 /13.00 -18.00 £12.00 (+£2.00 for large breed and giant breed)

Per 24 Hour period £22.00 (+£2.00 for large breed dogs) & pro-rata daily rate beyond 24 hours payable on day of collection. Owner provides food & treats.

Dog walking

1 hour £15.00 (+£2.00 extra per dog up to maximum of 3)
Rate includes collection and drop-off within 2 mile radius.

Visiting cats and other small animals in your home

£15 per hr to include travel to and from your address within a two mile radius. (75p per mile thereafter, to a maximum of 10 miles).

8 hour nightly sleepover to include feeding pets

£50, +75p per mile extra over a two mile radius to a maximum of 10 miles

24 hour weekend period Friday/Saturday, Saturday/Sunday £25.00 +£2.00 large breeds
Weekend Day Care Saturday or Sunday £20.00 + £2.00 large breeds

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day double rates apply.

Bank holidays and Bank Holiday weekends are also double the rates shown above.

Failure to notify us in advance of bitches in season or behavioural problems, either at the time of drop-off or when booking, will incur a £10 surcharge per 24 hour period.

Booking requirements
You must demonstrate up-to-date vaccination cards inclusive of kennel cough. All guests must be treated for fleas, ticks and worms regularly.
You must inform us of any behavioural problems at time of booking.
All guests must advise all guest behavioural characteristics e.g:
inclination to chase e.g. wild animals or motor vehicles
Inclination to wander e.g. explore holes, jump in rivers
Any history of aggressive or unpredictable behaviour e.g. fighting other dogs.

You must obtain our prior approval for bitches in season and entire males.
We have the right to refuse any guest that we deem to be unacceptable.
Failure to notify us of bitches in season either at drop off or time of booking will result in an additional charge. The additional charge is £10 per day per dog.
We may seek veterinary advice or consultation if your dog becomes unwell whilst under our care.
You are liable for any costs incurred whilst in our care including veterinary bills, special dietary needs, and grooming.
If any of your household pets show signs of being unwell, you must reschedule your booking.
We are not responsible for any animals' death or injury due to medical circumstances, e.g., heart attack or epilepsy.

In making a booking with us you confirm that:
You are aware that other dogs that stay with us may have undisclosed behavioural problems.
We have the right to muzzle if we consider it necessary to protect others.
You agree to check the fences each time you visit and assess whether it they suitable to keep your dog safe. It is entirely your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the fence and the entrance to the field is adequate to prevent your dog escaping.
You have third party dog insurance and/or take full financial responsibility for any damage caused by your dog, regardless of who is to blame.
You understand that we cannot control the environment outside of the field e.g. gunshots, farm equipment, vehicles, wildlife, rivers.
If your dog become injured or becomes lost whilst in our care:
liquidated damages are only recoverable where there has been a failure by us to exercise reasonable care. Damages are limited to:
Maximum total amount of £250.00 per occurrence.
Reasonable expenditure actually incurred. Expenditure is only considered as reasonable if agreed by us in advance.





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